June 5, 2009

Indian Food, Anyone?

Red Kidney Bean Curry with Naan Bread

I try to cook on a budget so I'm always looking for ways to use beans. I found this fabulous recipe from one of my favorite sites, The Smitten Kitchen. I love it because it uses beans and all the other ingredients I generally have on hand. I made a few changes- first, I substituted bottled jalepenos for the fresh chilies (about four jalepeno slices). I also used powdered ginger (2tsps) instead of fresh. Top it with some plain yogurt (necessary, in my opinion) and serve with naan bread and you have an incredible homemade Indian meal.

And here's a recipe for Naan bread. It has become a staple at our house. If you cook up the naan then freeze it, just pop it in the toaster for a bit and it tastes fresh.

2¼ t yeast
1 C water
¼ C sugar
3 T milk
1 beaten egg
2 t salt
4½ C flour
Garlic & Butter Mix

Mix yeast and water. Let it bubble. Add other ingredients and form a soft dough. Let rise as time permits (we usually don’t let it rise at all, but it is better when it does). Pull dough into ¼ inch thick patties (about 5 or 6 inches in diameter). Fry in a little olive oil until cooked through.

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