June 30, 2009

Bridal/Baby Shower centerpiece

My cousin is moving to the East Coast after her wedding so she wanted gift cards and/or money instead of large gifts. I made this centerpiece for the table and the guests simply clipped their monetary gifts onto the empty clips. It worked perfectly. I printed ten pictures of the happy couple (luckily I took their engagement photos, so I had a lot to work with), adhered them to paper, attached some ribbon, and clipped them to the tree. The only tip is to put the ribbon between the photo and the paper so that you don't see it from the back. Super easy and incredibly cheap. Especially since I already had the picture holder/tree thing.


Eileen said...

Beautiful idea - my daughter is getting married in July - came across your idea - where did you get your tree thingy?

Miranda said...

Found this old post and love the idea, but yes where did you find the photo tree?