March 21, 2008


It seems like the hardest part of cooking dinner is simply choosing what to make. So here is a little dinner inspiration for you. We have been eating a LOT of quesadillas recently and have come up with some good combinations. For the ones pictured I sauteed some zucchini in a little olive oil with a pinch of cumin and some red pepper flakes. I put a corn tortilla on the griddle, put on a little grated cheese, added the zucchini, a spoonful of black beans, and a few leaves of spinach (they wilt while cooking, delicious), followed by more cheese and the top tortilla. Flip halfway through and they're done. These are always a good "get rid of vegetables in your fridge" meal. And of course they are always good with some meat. I prefer them made with corn tortillas rather than flour tortillas because they crisp up a little better and corn tortillas are much better for you (0 grams of fat vs. up to 10 per tortilla).

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Teresa said...

looks and sounds great Sarah. I make quesadillas a lot too, but I always make them the same. 1 piece of lunch ham with some swiss cheese. Very good, but I need a change. I also didn't know that about the corn tortillas. I love corn tortillas, but you can't get them here, so I guess that is another good thing about us moving back to the states huh? :)