February 18, 2008

shuttersisters.com challenge

Today's challenge at shuttersisters.com was to get a picture of your husband where he is not a prop for your children- a picture of just him that captures why you love him. A surprisingly difficult challenge. But I do have one picture that I absolutely love of my husband. I took this on a vacation just the two of us took this summer. I have always loved his hands- they are strong and big and always make me feel so safe. I love this picture because it shows off his hands. I love the way he's sitting. I love that his wedding ring is showing. I love that he's wearing his watch and dress casual clothes. I love that he's outside in the baking sun. For me this captures my husband.


sweetsalty kate said...

great composition, and I love your accompanying post. Just perfect!

Amy said...

Sarah I love this new blog. I didn't know you were so creative! I wish I could be more creative, for me the hard part is thinking of something creative to do so I just don't try! Maybe you will inspire me though!

Sarah said...

I love the picture.