February 12, 2008

My Non-Diaper Bag

I am always carrying a big bag around full of snacks, wipes, diapers, toys, trash, etc. so whenever I get the chance to leave the house with just my wallet and keys it is cause for celebration. Unfortunately for the last few months I haven't had a small purse to put my stuff in so I just walk around with my jacket pockets bulging- not very attractive or practical. I had this leftover fabric from a failed Christmas project and decided to make it into a purse. My husband informed me that it looks like a sofa, and to be honest I don't really love it, but I do love the design. Maybe when I find the perfect fabric I'll make me another one. Until then, this sure beats stuffed pockets.

I got the "pattern" here. I tweaked it quite a bit but this was good for the basic idea. This is the first purse I have made and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. The dimensions for the rectangular piece that I used were 12" x 16". I also added lining and a handle, but that isn't really necessary.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I love the purse. I just bought a cute pattern for a handbag. I'll have to show it to you.